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Sign up for PPCon 2024

May 16th - 19th
Carol Joy Holling Center - Ashland, NE

****Please complete the form below and click "Send."  Then don't forget to use the PayPal button to submit appropriate payment for badge, shirt, meals (if chosen).

This page is for attending one or two days at the convention to include the following:

  • Gaming on the day(s) of your choice

  • Full access to snack room (snacks, sodas, coffee, etc.)

It will not include access to the cafe.  If you'd like to purchase meals, they can be bought individually.  Please select which days you'd like to add meals.  

Lunch and dinner will be available at the following prices:

  • $14 for lunch

  • $18 for dinner

Please be sure to add this amount to your total when you checkout through PayPal and a shirt if chosen as well. (no shirts past 4/10/24)

Which days will you be joining us?

Would you like to add meals? 

Please manually add this to payment amount.

Thursday Meals:
Friday Meals:
Saturday Meals:

One more step!

Thank you for making your badge selections!

Please total your selection prices (ex. badge + meals) prices and pay that amount through the PayPal "Buy Now" button below to complete your reservation.

board game
board game
board game
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